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Ginkgo Copywriting is a professional writing services business run by Paul Malone.

Ginkgo Copywriting provides friendly and reliable professional writing and communications services to businesses and individuals everywhere.

Paul Malone

UPDATE JUNE 2021: Thank you for visiting this site. Please note – the website is closing next month along with the business. Paul is focusing entirely on his own writing projects.

Originally from Australia, Paul Malone is a professional copywriter and published author now based in Austria. His services are backed up by over twenty years of business and engineering experience.

Having worked in Austria for well over a decade, Paul is fluent in German and is happy to communicate with clients in English or German.

Like many people today, Paul is concerned about the state of our environment and the consequences of climate change. So he is particularly interested in writing for organisations that are committed to sustainability, developing green technology and striving towards a better and far more equitable future for everyone.  

Find out more about Paul Malone here.

Core competencies


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For websites, landing pages, social media, newsletters, print media and more.


A professional writer who listens carefully to your needs and works closely with you to achieve the desired results.


For small to medium-sized businesses seeking to build brand awareness through a range of marketing channels.


Increased business profitability through better communications, greater brand awareness, and added customers and sales.

Featured Projects

Here you will find a collection of featured projects. Some of these relate to work completed by Paul Malone as a freelance writer / author / journalist prior to founding Ginkgo Copywriting.

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Professional Writing and Communications Services

Whether you’ve come to Ginkgo Copywriting with business or individual needs, you’re bound to appreciate the importance of engaging with your readers. In order to capture people’s attention and persuade them to use your products or services, you need the right words. This is where I can help you.

As a professional writer, I take the time to understand your particular needs, working closely with you to ensure the final words will have the maximum desired impact on your readers.

Ginkgo Copywriting provides friendly and reliable professional writing and communications services in the following areas:

Digital Copywriting

Whether you need a new website or or you wish to update an existing one, Ginkgo Copywriting can work with you to write the content that really informs and sells. Other digital forms covered include: landing pages, blogs, online advertorials, video scripts, and social media.

Feature Articles

Which trade or business publications are relevant for your business? Feature articles are a great way of promoting your business. Ginkgo Copywriting can ghost write your feature article for your target publication. Whether you have an interesting issue to share as an industry expert, a “how-to” article to help your readers, or a success story to inspire others, Ginkgo Copywriting can help you get your story before the eager eyes of many readers and potential leads for your business.

SEO Copywriting

What is your business website Google ranking? If your website doesn’t appear on page 1 of the Google search engine results page (SERP), you’re missing out on nearly all your potential customers! Ginkgo Copywriting can write Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) copy that grabs both your customers’ attention and those of the ever more discerning search engine robots.

Writing for Print Media

Even in the digital age, a brochure or catalogue can not only help promote your products and services, it can also lend your business credibility. What print media do you need? Ginkgo Copywriting can write the selling copy for you. Where needed, Ginkgo Copywriting can also provide you with a basic layout suggestion (copywriter’s rough) to help you envisage the final design.

Transcreation and Translation

Ginkgo Copywriting specialises in transcreation from German to English—ensuring the clever punch of your German sales message isn’t lost in translation.

Ginkgo Copywriting also works closely with European Exchange Translations for straight translation work and recommends their professional services.

Creative Writing

As a published author in leading literary magazines and an experienced workshop tutor in creative writing, Paul Malone continues to run various collaborative creative writing projects. You can find out more at the Sunday Writers’ Club.

Business Writing

Whether you need a winning proposal, a persuasive formal letter, or a captivating blog for your customers, Ginkgo Copywriting can write the content for you.

With a background in business and engineering, Ginkgo Copywriting can write in a tone and voice matched to your company style.

Editing and Proofreading

Do you have a business document that needs the careful eye of a professional copyeditor before you send it out? Ginkgo Copywriting can edit or proofread proposals, short reports, memos, letters, emails, presentations, etc. to ensure your communication is clear and without errors.

Communications Advice for Small Business

Do you hope to increase awareness of your brand, but you’re not sure how? Should your marketing channels include a newsletter? a blog? Facebook posts and advertising? Should you produce flyers? a press release? The answer to these questions (and many more) can be developed in a clear communications strategy. Working with you, Ginkgo Copywriting can develop your strategy and write the necessary content when it comes time to implement.

E-mail Marketing

From stand-alone emails to promote a product or service, to online newsletters to help build a thriving customer community, Ginkgo Copywriting can write the content to engage your readers and increase your sales.

Writing for Direct Mail

Whether you need a brilliant sales letter for your mailing campaign, or you need a carefully crafted formal letter to a special client, Ginkgo Copywriting can work with you to write the copy to win them over.

News Releases

Convincing an editor to publish information about your business requires some strategic thinking and advertising finesse. The editor will foremost be looking for newsworthy information, not merely advertising material. Ginkgo Copywriting can work with you to craft a compelling news release that provides genuine news for any discerning editor’s readership.

Copywriting for Advertising Agencies

Are looking for an experienced copywriter to work in your advertising team on a contract or project basis? Please contact Ginkgo Copywriting to discuss. If your office is based in Vienna, Austria, Paul Malone can arrange to meet in person.

Feel free to check out the Frequently Asked Questions page and Terms and Conditions page for more information

Mission Statement

Ginkgo Copywriting’s mission is to provide friendly and reliable professional writing and communications services to businesses and individuals everywhere. To achieve this, Ginkgo Copywriting works closely with clients to ensure the final copy has the maximum desired impact on their readers.

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Be sure to check out Ginkgo Copywriting’s blog, with each post sharing the lastest insights to help you improve your business communications and sales.

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Please feel free to contact me by phone during office hours (8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, GMT +2) or send me an Email.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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