Continuing Education

As a believer in life-long learning, I was pleased to recently receive my Professional Writing Certificate Specializing in Marketing and Public Relations from University of Calgary. I completed the certificate over several years whilst working and running my writing business. The study really helped me develop my professional writing skills and specialist knowledge.

A range of courses were covered in the study program—from Copyediting and Proofreading to Strategic Writing for Public Relations and Marketing. Although all the courses were useful, I found Copywriting – Words that Sell and Writing Effective Online Content particularly useful and inspiring.  

Just one of the many big learning takeaways: Any business stands to reap the rewards if they develop and implement an effective content marketing strategy to build their audience. Few businesses do this well. Small businesses stand to win big (for a small outlay) when they engage an audience with useful content and become sought after for their trusted expertise. This all takes time, of course.

Enough of the learning takeaways! If you’re interested in developing your writing skills for your workplace or as a freelance writer, I highly recommend the Professional Writing Certificate. Here’s a link to University of Calgary.

And if you don’t have the time or resources to study right now, you might like to get yourself a copy of these outstanding books (my top 3 from the program):

1. Everybody Writes, Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content by Ann Handley

2. The Copywriter’s Handbook by Robert W. Bly

3. Public Relations, The Essentials of Style and Format by Thomas H. Bivins

2020 – The Year of Achieving Your Vision

Here’s to 2020! Chances are you’re reading this long after the last champagne cork was popped at the dawn of a new decade.  Like many of us on New Year’s Eve, you might have gazed up at the fireworks or the stars and wondered what the new decade has in store for you. Perhaps you’ve decided not to leave it all up to fate and have made a new year’s resolution (or two) to make 2020 all the richer for you.

Although none of us can see the future, we can aim to see the present clearly and act with corresponding clarity toward achieving our vision, paving our path of business prosperity.  Such is the guiding theme for the Ginkgo Copywriting blog posts for 2020—The Year of Achieving Your Vision.

The blog posts will focus on showing how you can achieve your business vision through various communication forms, including:

  • Newsletters—keeping people connected, informed and inspired
  • Letter writing—the lost art of
  • Blog posts / blog posting strategies
  • Social media posting
  • Website content
  • Meeting up—the importance of coming together and the power of collaboration
  • Creative writing—sunshine for the imagination

Blog Post Frequency

Ginkgo Copywriting will post the 4th Monday of every month. Please feel free to subscribe to the blog posts to keep up to date. And you are most welcome to comment.

Next Blog Post: Newsletters

The next blog post (Monday 27th January 2020) will be focused on how to write an effective newsletter to keep the people important to your business connected, informed and inspired.  Until then, wishing you a prosperous start to the new decade!