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Hello, and thank you for reading the very first Ginkgo Copywriting blog post by Paul Malone.  I hope you enjoy reading the post and return for more. New posts will go up the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month as of January 2020. Before I explain why you might like to subscribe to these posts, here’s a little about me:

About Paul Malone

An Australian living in Austria

As you might have read on the Ginkgo Copywriting website, I am a published Australian author and professional writer living in Austria for over a decade now. How is it that an Australian winds up in Austria for so long? Well, it wasn’t entirely planned. A year or two turned into three, then five, then twelve. Two kids later and the growing Malone family is still here. Fortunately, Austria is a nice place to live—Vienna is at our doorstep, the mountains to our west, all that sort of thing.

A commitment to life-long learning

Way back in the nineties, while working in a family business, I studied and eventually graduated from Monash University in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours). I have since worked in various engineering consultancies in Australia and Europe, on all sorts of interesting construction projects. All the while though, I have kept writing—fiction, freelance articles, business, and copywriting material. Being a believer in life-long learning, I have taken numerous bespoke writing courses along the way, including those leading to a Certificate in Professional Writing Specialising in Marketing and Public Relations from the University of Calgary (completion early 2020).

At some point not so long ago, I decided to make a career change—from engineer to professional writer. So, I founded Ginkgo Copywriting. As you can see, you’ve caught me right at the start of things! I hope you may accompany on the journey that follows.

Business Registration

Below you can see me standing alongside Dr. Isabelle Samstag-Kobler from the Austrian Economic Chambers (WKO) on the day I registered for my copywriting trade licence (Gewerbeschein: Werbetexter). Not only was Dr. Samstag-Kobler very helpful, guiding me through the registration process, she also looked so impressive in her traditional Austrian attire that I thought this was a photo opportunity not to be missed!

Paul Malone and Dr. Isabelle Samstag-Kobler from the Austrian Economic Chambers (WKO)

About the Ginkgo Copywriting Blog

Now you know a little about me, here’s the aim of the Ginkgo Copywriting Blog: Through short yet informative posts, Ginkgo Copywriting will help readers find simple and practical solutions to their business communications problems—everything from how to attract more customers using social media, to how to write a winning business proposal. Naturally this is a lot of territory to cover—not just sales copywriting but also informative content geared towards business operations. Although each post will focus on one problem (and solution) at a time, they will be united by a bi-monthly theme.


Aside from this opening post, Ginkgo Copywriting will post the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month, starting in January 2020.


Max Nemeth
October 10, 2019

What a good idea!!! I think someone found a prospering niche to play in. :-). Besides, it´s a very nice site and a brave pace to the next step in life! Also appreciate your comment to life-long-learning. I would like to get you in touch with some guys at the LLL-Program of EU´s Erasmus+. We always need fresh ideas and support! For example, there´s a nice and new approach in the way of job-counseling, called "Storytelling"....you could have fun in this domain. (I´ve red some of your stories....You have a gift for it! greets Max

October 11, 2019

Many thanks for visiting my site and your comment, Max. As you know, you're part of the inspiration! I'd love to find out more about storytelling in relation to career counseling. I'll message you to find out more. Have a great weekend and best to the family Paul

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